Frequently Asked Questions


What is the “Make Room for More Project”?

The “Make Room for More Project” is an opportunity for our church to invest in the lives and eternities of our friends, families and community.  Our expanded facility will make room for people who don’t know Jesus yet and make room for God to transform the lives of even more people on the Windward side of Oahu and to the ends of the earth.

How much are we looking to raise?

We Plan to raise $4 million by 2021 over and above our regular giving to go towards this project.

How much should I give?  

That’s between you and God. Everyone’s gift will be different. Seek God and His heart for how He’s asking you to specifically partner with us on this journey. Listen to what He is saying to you about whatever step He would have you personally take in your relationship with Him. Obey Him in faith and do what He has put on your heart to do.

Do I have to give everything at once or over time?

You can give your gift weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or all at once – whatever works best for you.  

Why now?

God is doing amazing things through Anchor Church and continues to expand our reach and influence in the community. However, our existing auditorium is wearing out.  It’s a temporary tent structure that has exceeded its life cycle and requires a lot of maintenance. It is so old that it is not expandable. We’ve grown and are approaching capacity in our existing auditorium and children’s church structures at our Po’okela campus.  This project will position us to comfortably receive the people that God is bringing to us.

When will the project be completed?

We hope to complete the project by 2021.

Where can I get more information about this project?

We will be providing quarterly updates to the congregation and you can visit our website at:

Will my commitment be made public?

No.  Your individual commitment will remain completely confidential.

How can I give?

You may give to the “building fund” on the tithe envelope, at the Kiosk at the back of the auditorium, or online at

What will be included in this project?

We will be constructing an approximately 23,700 sq. ft. auditorium at our Po’okela campus that will seat 800 people.  The building will include offices in an upper mezzanine so that the existing office building may be used as a second Children’s Church building.

Should I direct my regular giving to the project?

No, your gift should be above and beyond your regular giving.  Your regular giving supports the ongoing ministry and operations of Anchor Church.  Take time to prayerfully consider what gift God is asking you to give.

Is there a way for me to give non-cash gifts?

Yes, we are more than willing to accept gifts of stocks, investments, personal property and more.

Will I have an opportunity to revise my commitment?

Yes.  You may revise your commitment at any time, either up or down, by contacting the church office.

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