There is great news to be heard and received at our She Is conferences! The Good News of Jesus that you are planned, purposed and loved completely by a Father and Almighty God that will bring lasting and personal significance to all who will be there. This good news will produce lives of joyful worship that will not be kept to ourselves and as a result, many will come to call upon and receive the love of our Father in Jesus our Lord.

…see the truth of Whose we are and who we are and how we’ve been set apart by Him to be His unique expression of love and beauty in the world…

She is brilliant. That’s us. That’s you. That’s me. As daughters of God, we are all that He has said we are. We’ve been perfectly planned, loved, and made new through Jesus Christ. Our new identity is amazing in Christ!

God’s word tells us to behold the new (2 Cor 5:17) and to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in order to prove what His good and perfect will. (Romans 12:1-2)

Our She Is Conference 2017 will be two amazing nights in April, powerfully connecting to God and to His daughters over worship, His Word, food, fun, and other things that make a heart happy. Together we’ll sit under the teaching of Pastor Tami Tierney and Dr. Caroline Leaf, author, speaker and neuroscientist who travels the globe teaching the Body of Christ how to think the way our Creator has designed.

We will learn how science is proving what the Bible has said all along and how our God has amazingly created and wired our brains to be brilliant and carry out His plans in that truth for His glory. It will give you an even deeper love and appreciation of Whose you are and how brilliantly He has made you, to be His love in the world.



Neuroscientist, Author & Speaker

Dr. Caroline Leaf is the author of Switch On Your Brain and holds a PhD in communication pathology from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Since 1981, she has researched the science of thought as it relates to thinking, learning, renewing the mind, gifting, and potential.

Dr. Leaf is an international and national conference speaker on topics relating to optimal brain performance, such as stress, toxic thoughts, male/female brain differences, thinking and learning, controlling our thought lives, wisdom, and how to identify and use one’s natural gifts.

Her passion is to help people see the link between science and scripture as a tangible way of controlling their thoughts and emotions, learning how to think and learn and finding their sense of purpose in life.

Caroline and her husband, Mac, live in Dallas, Texas with their four children.


Our Hostess, & Women’s & Prayer Pastor at Anchor Church

Loving Jesus and loving people with His love is Tami’s passion. Tami has been coming to this church for over 20 years and started serving by making coffee and cutting doughnuts on Sunday mornings and also helping with women’s ministry events.

Tami loves to see women being set free and made whole in Jesus’ love, becoming all He’s planned for them to be. She believes that we’ve all been loved, planned, purposed, and made new in God’s love through the cross of Jesus Christ. One of her greatest passions and prayers is for women to know this, experience it, and share it with others.

She is happily married to her amazing husband Mike & they enjoy living here in Kaneohe with their furry cats, Jack and Hendrix.


APRIL 26 & 27, 2017 | 6:00-9:30PM BOTH EVENINGS

Full conference refund is available until March 30, 2017.
A partial refund ($15 less than the conference registration fee paid) from March 31 – April 16, 2017.
No refund from April 17, 2017.

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