God is so good. I received money that I was not expecting. Monthly bills somehow were less than they were suppose to be. I also had breakthrough with my son Josh. He came to church on March third. He was totally blown away with Pastor Carl’s message on spiritual warfare and would like to come back and maybe explore the Sunday youth worship.

My wife and I talked more. My kids and I talked and told each other more stories. LOVED IT!

I expected to always be angry due to hunger & low sugar. What actually happened was a noticeable calming of my attitude.

From my soul fast I’ve realized social media is a big distraction in my walk with God. I have decided to continue with no social media or very little social media to better my walk with God and to get deeper into His word. Thank you, Anchor Church.

I asked God to help my son begin to have a relationship with God. Tonight makes the third Friday he has come to Anchor Church with my wife and I!

I gave up social media and found a renewed commitment to reading God’s word.  I also gave up coffee and God gave me energy everyday even when I was traveling and got very little sleep. I was surprised that God made it so easy for me to give up coffee when I am so dependent on it.

Gave up going out to eat and TV. We pray a lot more than we used to! I went from forgetting to pray days at a time to praying multiple times a day.

I didn’t have an overwhelming “ah ha moment,” but I deepened my daily relationship and commitment to God and spending time with Him first. I got the message to live my priorities: God, family, self, job. And to be trusting of God’s plan.

Was praying for softened hearts with regarding my license/insurance being on hold with the State. And in addition to giving me renewed hope and motivation in that process, God also DID soften hearts: 1) MINE! Peace and open mind for career future. 2) My husband’s. Holding bitterness, wounding and unforgiveness and God broke down painful walls.

My prayer life has increased. It was a breakthrough within me. I was rewarded with my settlement. My marriage has been stronger. Thank you, Jesus.

I experienced incredible breakthrough in a rocky three-year relationship that I’ve been asking God for wisdom about. We talked everything out on day one and we have had the most incredible three-weeks of our entire relationship.

We need a miracle from something that happened in my husband’s career. For it to happen would mean a MIRACLE! God gave it to us! God gave us a MIRACLE – one in which I stand in awe of God’s true, true, true GRACE!

I fasted TV even though it still seems busy in the evening/night I’ve been getting more rest, praying more and hearing God’s voice. I met with my son in law at Starbucks because I had something to tell him. After 12 years I apologized to him for the way I treated him in the early years. We had a great and positive conversation and connection with each other.

God changed my heart and reminded me to honor my loved ones and to be obedient to Him. God revealed His presence through this fast. Every day He showed His presence and that He was and is with me by amazing natural landscapes. He showed Himself in amazing stars, mist over Likelike Hwy, rainbows and sunsets. He revealed that He has been preparing me for an amazing ministry in the future.

God helped me listen to the entire New Testament and much of the Old Testament on my drive to work. God helped me find new times of prayer early in the mornings on the beach. God gave me clarity to say “No” to an offer of Commander in the military for the sake of my family.

My dad’s infection score (at last count) is down to 1.0. They want it under 1.0 and he may only need to take antibiotics for one year if his infection stays in remission, instead of for life. My husband and I have been getting insight on raising our kids and we have had breakthrough! YEAH!

God renewed my commitment to reading the Bible. I spent more time being present in the moment giving up social media. The Lord kept me on the right path. Thank you for this amazing experience.

Praise God! Turning off TV and media was a blessing for me. Being centered with God came focus & calmness! He eliminated the unnecessary noises, distractions!

This fast made me less addictive to social media (Instagram). I have become interested in fully reading and understanding the Bible. He answered my prayer to give my Grandma strength in her rehab.

Our family came closer together without the thing that was in the way of our relationship. This fast help a lot because we’re close again.

I am so grateful for this time of fasting and prayer. Through it, God showed me how much I had been living for today and myself and was reminded of the beauty of being Heaven minded and living my life as worship to God. I looked forward everyday to spending hours each night with God instead of the TV and my phone. I have turned my running into a time of prayer and it has already been so powerful.

My wife and I both did the fast together. The Lord brought some things to the surface from my distant past and is convicting me and healing me.

God revealed Himself daily in the smallest of ways. I encountered Him all throughout the day when I needed Him the most. I felt refreshed and revived in the Holy Spirit.

My marriage was struggling again. God had realigned, refreshed my perspective. Renewed me spiritually, but above all I felt God asked me to pray and fast for sin that still has had a foothold on our marriage. Our marriage began in sin, and for the duration of our marriage, sexual sin has continued to disrupt our marriage and our walk of faith. God revealed how this was something I needed to acknowledge and truly give to Him. I know God has definitely begun healing and deliverance.

I’ve gotten clarity in my daily life. A direction in my relationships. I feel driven to continue to not partake in drinking alcohol socially (that’s God)  I do notice when satan tries to make me stumble and recognize it’s because I’ve drawn closer to God. First fast of many for me! This was amazing!

This fast has been amazing without my phone and social media. I was able to get closer to the kids!! And I prayed a lot with them. I was able to remember scripture and actually got to know and talk to the kids more.

I went full out on my Daniel Fast for two weeks and was able to grow closer to God, especially in my prayer life.

So I started late, two weeks ago. I gave up social media. It consumed so much of my time and my husband always hated when I was on it. Well, when I started my fast my husband was so supportive that he gave up pork. He hasn’t come to Church with me and I think he has been thinking about it a few times, but he has been so supportive. I pray that it opens his eyes. He’s Catholic and he decided since he is fasting to do the whole 40 days. I pray this opens his eyes and realizes God loves him. I’m going to continue my fast to support him to the end.

My father is going to church. My husband is being career designated in the USMC. We’ve had a financial blessing.

During the 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting our family was blessed financially. My career was advanced and I feel the best I have physically in a long time.

I don’t find the need to consume alcohol any more. I feel more positive and closer to my family.

We went through a very negative time with piles and piles of family stress, illness and chaos. But through God I was able to survive.

This is the first time I’ve ever been able to stick to a change in diet. I’ve done it all and failed. I thank God that He is the reason I am able to do this Daniel Fast. It has improved my health and brought me closer to Him.

I drew nearer to God. I heard Him speaking to me and felt peace. I know it’s time to go on a mission trip again. He got me through a trial I was going through.

He opened me so I could see some of the people I was in relationship with were toxic to my life. He gave me courage and helped me to follow through in blocking them out.

New job possibilities opening up; quality time and conversations with my husband; time and awareness to pray for and spend time with friends going through hard times; increased time spent in Gods word and devotions.

Amazing transformation of my heart. I prayed regularly and often, read my bible several times a day, turned down secular media, and listened to God speak to me. The most wonderful answered prayer was that God turned around my family and marriage. My heart is changed forever.

Feeling more disciplined with my decisions. Trusting God when internally dealing with temptation. My faith is in God, not things or people.

Praise God, He is creating change in me that I’ve hoped for, for a very long time now. He’s helping me show more grace and has opened doors for reconciliation.

Reading more and doing my devotionals daily. The Bible is now my daily book!

I have never been so close to the Lord than I have in the last 21 days. Ive realized God is with me always and my focus needs to be in him.

God has revealed to me the ‘things’ that I have, I don’t need. Holy Spirit also showed me how to build better relationships with my kids. Jesus had graced my marriage with more fulfilling conversations and oneness.

My family and I are better from sickness. Thank you God for answering my prayers.

I talked more to God and He helped my brother who is in the hospital feel better. I know God answered my prayers.

My prayer life and devotional time has never been better. I’ve grown closer to God and committed to a prayer lifestyle.

No job yet…But I’m learning diligence, faith and trust in Gods timing. -believing in what God can do through me. I don’t believe the lies of the enemy. God has been faithful with finances to stay afloat.

Our marriage is being healed. Still away to go, but going in the right direction.

I started doing the Daniel Fast but it turned into me realizing I need to focus more on my Bible and its teachings. I needed to focus more on my faith.

I felt the Lord’s presence at all times. He showed me that He really loves me and knows me by name. He created me and will take care of His children.

I found time to be with the Lord. I learned how to have discipline to put the Lord first.

God spoke to me the most at the very beginning of the fast. He still hasn’t answered all of my questions. But I believe he will at the right time.

Closer connection with God.

I was shown the dependency I have for things of this world – social media, caffeine, alcohol, movies. I allowed so many empty things to dominate my life. Met a Godly women after a period of singleness and more empty relationships. Never thought marriage would come but in a month I think it may happen with her.

I found a little more clarity. I got to feel a little bit more about what my purpose is and where I am meant to serve. I’m finding the courage to finally start my own health and wellness business to help as many people as possible to take back their health.

God revealed to me some BIG forgiveness that I need to work on. Also, some guilt that I am carrying isn’t my fault or mine to carry.

God answered some of the prayers I asked for which is amazing! I also got more mental clarity about my life.

I feel rejuvenated, I feel so much closer to God even when I feel at my lowest.

My results were amazing my prayers were more often answered in ways not expected. I feel more connected to my father. Praise the Lord!

I was convicted that I need to be a better steward of our finances. Closer relationship with God. He blessed us with a large bonus to help get out our finances in track. Praise God!

I’m not addicted to social media anymore, instead I spent more time building relationships and being productive, more involved and aware of spiritual warfare. Also finding my life calling.

Realized how much time has been wasted through TV. Got closer to God, trusting him more.

Frivolous lawsuit was dropped against us, so grateful. Read passage about settling out of court – followed Holy Spirit – offered settlement – They dropped It! Received direction on starting a charitable organization.

I always wondered why King David would say in his psalms that he ‘loved Gods laws’ They always seemed dry and repetitious to me. During my ‘soul fast’ I was able to see Gods love, mercy, and, kindness while reading Leviticus and Numbers.

I prayed that my Mom would turn herself into the cops and stop hiding. God finally told her it was the right thing to do and now she’s better.

Before I started fasting I had been praying that God would take away or change some new jealousy that had found its way into my life. Three days into my fast the jealousy has vanished from my life and left me happier and more light-hearted.

I broke my addiction to caffeine and my dependence on wine/alcohol. Now I get my rest and energy from God, I go to Him first instead of wine when things aren’t going so good. I now have a new fresh start.

The first week was rough… talk about withdraws and moodiness. I became so clearly aware of the strongholds and bondages I allowed to consume me daily! Nights became so restful, peaceful that I must say conversations with God during those nights I didn’t want to awake. As my 21 days of fast was becoming to an end, I asked myself why should it end? This amazing journey has been tough however the reward has been so graceful. I am honored to say I’ve continued to leave out all social media. Those around me have became more of joy to be around due to my expectations left at Gods feet. At work I received a “cash out” one time payment. More then enough to pay for all my husbands and self debt. “We are debt free”!!!! I lost a total of 14 lbs and felt to naturally energized. I am humbled to say that me conversations with God has been so transparent, with no distractions, pure love and openness that tears just flow. I haven’t cried for a long time. Allowing to feel Gods grace, mercy and presents has freed me from theses sins/distractions. May I also add… my husband and I pray more together then we ever did. Our children open in prayer and are eager too do so. “In public as well” My husband and I have had a boost in our small business that we are able to bless someone with income and hire him. Having that extra hands to help with caring for our business has allowed us to be more present and involved with our children. At a point we got so caught up with chasing money to pay for bills and digging ourselves deeper in debt we lost focus on our “why”. Again distractions lead us astray from our why, which is to lead a Godly life by example life for our children. Thank you for allowing me to share this amazing journey. This path is an on going one and I surly will not allow anything to distract me anymore. Thank you Anchor Ohana! We love you ALL!

I learned to trust God’s plan, timing and process. God showed me how to prioritize things in my life. I was in a car accident with no injuries, but mangled car. Felt so serine and at peace – not worried, no blaming, not upset or mad. The feeling was so powerful to just release it to the Lord. Truly I surrendered.

Received a well paying job that I’m comfortable with in California. My dad is finally coming back to church and he joined the 21 day fast! He also blessed me with a possible hubby, who knows!

My family started coming to church with me every Friday night this year. They participated in the 21 day fast with me and I’ve seen them grow in faith tremendously. I am so blessed seeing what God is doing in their lives.

I reconnected with our Lord and Father God.

I have been praying for patience and kind loving words towards my boys. I have gained patience. There are times when I was ready to snap, but something stopped me and changed the situation into a learning experience.

I noticed that my body is a temple for Him. The Lord has pointed out the things I need to prune and replace with Him.

I have been spending twenty minutes every morning in prayer and meditation in addition to reading my Bible. I feel more settled, peaceful and, in tune with the rhythms of his grace.

Spent more time with my kids. Got more quiet time for praying. Confusions that were in my mind have closed in a good way.

My back pain is better than it was before my surgery. Praise God. Also, I’ve been praying for so many people and laying hands on them. My relationship with Steven my fiancé has come through an extremely rough time but is now better than ever!

He helped support my son as he searches for his career goals. Also, my son has joined us at church!

God showed me the importance of letting all worry and anxiety go, and to trust Him. Every time I did He showed up and I felt His presence and felt so close to Him.

God gave me clarity with some complicated relationships I have right now.

He helped support my son as he searches for his career goals. Also, my son has joined us at church!

I received conformation and learned to pray first!

Last Fall I retired because I felt horrible and had for a long time. During the past two days I began to have energy again. I’ve attended 11am service for a long time because I was too exhausted to move earlier. I am at the 7am service and feel great!

I feel mentally, physically and spiritually cleaner. God told me I’m worthy to teach at the HIM conference. He has a lot to offer me and He is always with me. Clarity and peace in the midst of personal family loss and surgery.

God has delivered peace and love to my household. He has blessed me with an inner peace that is difficult to put into words. He reminded me that He is in control.

God has made me happier and I see the joy in life. He also brought new friends in my life. My car was hit while I wasn’t there and I was blessed she left her information.

I drew closer to God. The closer we draw to Him the clearer we see our selves.

The enemy tried to break me and have me feel that I wasn’t worthy of his blessings. But God was victorious. The Holy Spirit touched me physically and captured my heart.

One night I had a weird dream, I asked God to reveal to me what He meant and He did! God hasn’t answered my prayer, but I know He knows what is best for me, and will do amazing things when the time is right.

My prayer time has increased dramatically. My fast aligned with OSL phase one, which drastically increased my Bible and prayer time with Jesus.

God gave me clarity with some complicated relationships I have right now.

God is healing relationships of bitterness and unforgivness. God healed my grandchild in vitro showing an obvious miracle to all!

I had an OSHA surprise inspection. It would have been tens of thousands in fines. The next morning they said “nevermind” it was an error to visit. They could have still fined us, but waived it.

Although I’m an emotional wreck I know with out a doubt that God is working on my soul.

I felt protected with the armor of God’s protection.

God gave me a sense of security in my job while the state will be having some major cuts due to budget.

God showed me that in my brokenness, He will move. So it’s OK to be broken because His joy is there. His timing is so perfect.

In a time of great sorrow; He gives me calm, great peace and love.

I’ve received a renewed commitment to spend time in prayer with God. I make it a priority before I go to sleep every night.

God called me into ministry. He also showed me that only through Him will I be truly successful in my family, career and life.

I asked for guidance in my career. My boss pulled me aside and said he was proud and has seen that I’ve stepped up. He asked me to manage an upcoming job! Amen!

My relationship with God has grown and my prayer time has also improved. I was blessed with an awesome vacation!

I grew closer to my family and paid attention to what is important.

God was on my journey to Ohio to see my family and prepare my house to be sold.

It drew me closer to God. My prayer life is more than here and there, it is now a consistent time of fellowship with God. 

When all other overseas locations turn us down for orders, the small unlikely place Cuba said they will accept us. We applied for the orders and are awaiting Gods action to see if this is His will. We are also still awaiting the adoption. This is a God size action; we need His help.  

I was able to read the Bible and find peace in times of struggle and frustration.

I feel His presence more than I have in years. He did and is still opening new doors daily. Really feeling the She Rescue trip is of Him. He is pushing me and leading me to go.

I struggled, got physically sick, attacked with asthma and flu, anger issues, finances and more. But He helped me through the whole time. I learned to turn to Him first rather than last.

Brought me closer to God! He gave me clarity in my relationships and in ministry. God allowed me to change my perspective. 

Happy to report that God has come through once again. I’m back at work and taking it one day at a time. Praise and worship will never stop. Thank you Jesus.

God has revealed himself in my own heart. My situations didn’t change, but my heart has changed towards my circumstances.

I have been blessed me with more peace throughout the day; especially at work. God came at me super hard and completely threw out a three year plan I had for the future all for the better. Also, He gave me wisdom to deal with certain relationships.

God has revealed that with Him all things are possible!

God revealed His presence to me in so many ways. He has helped me see I’m not alone when I’m stressed during the day. He has helped me rely more on Him and not on myself or others.

God provided peace and understanding of my career, finances and family. He provided me perspective. He also helped me realize that although I may feel as if I’m being punished – its because He wants to develop me, correct me, because He loves me.

I was healed of a liver infection and we grew closer as a family.

God did so much during the fast. My wife and I grew closer spiritually, my son was healed and work problems were solved. Amazing!

God used His voice to talk to me and constantly remind me about the reason for fasting.

I received many blessings and more revelation of my issues. I had breakthroughs in regards to my lack of humility and placing too much importance on pride. Also there was ealing in family relationships and the realization of my part in the conflict.

In the second week of fasting I got discouraged because of the trials of the day. I tossed in my sleep that night and cried out to the Lord. I heard Him call my name and say ‘Spend more time with me’. Hallelujah!

I got more in a habit of prayer and devotions. Loved the resources you provided. Mahalo!

My grandson and girlfriend came to church! Not continuously but I haven’t given up on them.

I became more aware of Gods presence. I saw His hand at work in my daily life more than I have in a long time. Also, some of my fleshy carnal struggles fell away during this time and were a issue – it was a good start to me breaking away from some of my chronic sins.

I’m calling on God throughout each day. I’m continually excited to lean and apply His word. God has prepared me to be ready to embrace my lost daughter when He is ready to bring her back into my life.

Whew! What a challenging three weeks. My faith and patience was tested so hard. But, we survived as a family. God faithfully gave us patience and love.

I felt my relationship grow with my Lord. I still want to strengthen it but I defiantly feel His presence more. I am so blessed by Him! May he continue to be with us all!

Spending such sweet time with the Lord! He showed me priorities, my business is booming and I’m experiencing that peace that surpasses all understanding because I know He is in control of my future.

I was severely tired during the time of the fasting. Looking for a breakthrough, The Spirit instead showed me that He will always sustain and walk with me. 

I almost lost my job and my Dad and little sister almost lost their lives, but God never left me. He gave me the strength to fall on Him in order to make it through this tough time.

I felt my relationship grow with my Lord. I still want to strengthen it but I defiantly feel His presence more. I am so blessed by Him! May he continue to be with us all!

I experienced closeness to God and peace in daily decisions. I also experienced breakthrough in my anxiety. God is so good! 

God answered my prayers. I’m diabetic and by cutting out certain foods my daily numbers have dropped drastically and I feel much better. 

I’ve had some answered prayers due to my fasting. My one wish was to reunite with my best friends, and I’m going this summer, after two years.

God answered a prayer for a job and renewed my commitment to reading the Word.

God provided us an amazing thorough case manager for my husband’s military career. He provided us a number for our first house to buy. I’ve also got some revelation of being in ministry.

Our family was able to bond together and build on our relationship to build unity in our family. Together we are stronger. God is great!

Went through a very stressful experience in my marriage, on my last day of fasting I read the Bible and John 5:44 revealed the answers needed.

I’ve received renewed passion for perusing career goals, increased focus on God in more than one area of my life and making relationships more important than TV.

I’ve had greater peace in my life. Our family is considering starting another fast tomorrow until Easter because its been so good. Prior to the fast my anxiety levels were rising. Its better now. Thank You Jesus!

I got closer with my son. My son is my light.

In the first few days of the fast I found immediate physical healing. My doctor told me I needed to lose weight or my health would be seriously at risk. God revealed some very major things to me. My husband of almost eight years has been emotionally abusive, hurtful and unsupported in every way. I have learned to trust in the Lord and know that He loves me and has my back no matter what happens.

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